SAILING conceives the Business Resilience Index

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EURIX took part in SAILING, a project promoted by Fondirigenti and organized by Torino Wireless. It is an interesting initiative that has involved top managers and executives of 28 companies from both the service and manufacturing sectors for six months.

The target of the project was the presentation of the best adaptation and resilience strategies oriented towards Digital Transformation.

SAILING was divided into two distinct phases. A first moment of sharing best practices and analyzing critical issues was followed by the design phase of the resilience model. Methods and tools applicable to the different areas of resilience identified by the project were identified: Smart Working, Smart Leadership, Smart Selling, Open Innovation and Smart Production.

Business resilience was assessed through the Business Resilience Index (BRI), which reveals a company’s ability to mitigate the risks of sudden change and uncertainty, and instead take advantage of new opportunities.

Thanks to the SAILING project, EURIX was able to test the use of innovative digital tools, which will be introduced within the organization. The BRI is a very structured and detailed tool, which allowed us to understand our condition and to compare ourselves with other competitors. Based on these ideas and insights, we have already focused on some useful activities for revising the organizational process, with the aim of further increasing our performance.