Research and innovation are the essence of EURIX philosophy.

Innovation has constantly driven us into the future, allowing to offer advanced services and solutions.

Participation in numerous national and international projects of applied research enables EURIX to live as a protagonist the ever-changing world of Information Technology.

Our main research activities include: Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Intelligent Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Energy Efficiency e Internet of Things.

The link with academia has never stopped. Over the years, EURIX has taken part in research projects and has signed cooperation protocols with prestigious Universities and primary Research Centres, in Italy and Europe.


EURIX has always invested in the future through research activities, aimed at interpreting new trends and experimenting with new technologies, in order to transform them into initiatives and business opportunities.

Research is given an irreplaceable value, considering it ideal driving force to growth.

Having this in mind, significant investments, in relation to annual revenue, are allocated to “Research & Development” activities.

Among the most significant research projects, we can mention SMAT-F2, CADET, PrestoSpace, PrestoPRIME, Presto4U, Sapir, ADAM, IRMA, WISENSE, ForgetIT, ESACOM, ELF, ECO2A.

The main projects in recent years include: MIRROR and WOW.


Selection of technical and scientific articles published by EURIX in specialist journals or presented at conferences.