The adoption of technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), into organizations is an increasingly pervasive and irreversible phenomenon, which is set to increase further over time.

These cutting-edge technologies profoundly redefine business processes, in order to optimize and increase efficiency.

Machine Learning is a kind of Artificial Intelligence, which allows systems to learn and improve performance over time based on the data they process. The integration of Machine Learning into the dynamics of corporate business allows huge amounts of data to be analyzed and transformed into value for companies.

EURIX has gained significant experience in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence models and Machine Learning algorithms and has offered them in a variety of fields.

Our “AI & ML” applications are varied, ranging from smart digital content analysis to Predictive Maintenance diagnostics, from the development of neural networks for process optimization to the design of innovative IoT solutions for energy efficiency.

With regard to Digital Content Management, EURIX has experimented with Feature Extraction analyses of documents: we develop Machine Learning techniques for text, image, audio and video detection, creating recognition engines to extract specific features in multimedia files.
This type of investigation is based on Artificial Intelligence logics and allows us to obtain relevant information for our clients from any unstructured multimedia data.