EURIX was founded in 1990 to provide innovative technological consultancy.

At that time, UNIX was the reference operating system for university research centres and scientific institutes. This system was our starting point.

The challenge for EURIX EUROPEAN UNIX – was to introduce UNIX into industry.

The next step was to present EURIX as a “System Integrator“, that is, a company capable of connecting heterogeneous systems, conforming existing products to the needs of the Customer. With the spread of digital awareness, the System Integrator has evolved from a connector of different technologies into a “Skill Integrator“, a figure who identifies and aggregates skills and specializations, in order to provide the Customer with the best solutions.

EURIX has rapidly gained full recognition in the world of ICT over the years, thanks to the continuous exploration, testing and proposal of new technologies in IT field.

Born as specialists in Network & Data Security, we expanded the area of intervention to other sectors such as Digital Transformation, Energy Efficiency & IoT and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

EURIX offers a wide range of specialized services for markets such as Telco & Media, Public Administration, Energy & Utilities and Industry.


Experience from the past, innovation in the present, look to the future: this is the synthesis of our vision.

Our motto “Software Innovators” is not just a slogan but a true operational culture.

Experimenting, developing and integrating: these are the words that have always inspired EURIX‘s mission.

We experiment through continuous research. Courage in experimentation is the driving force that pushes ourselves beyond our own limits and helps us in reaching new goals.

We develop technological services based on our wealth of skills and knowledge, thanks to high-profile professionals, a solid collaborators team and a network of partners. We work to provide products of excellence, made by people from different backgrounds and experiences.

We integrate innovative technologies and skills. In fact, we present ourselves as “Skill Integrators”, setting ourselves the target of achieving, for our Customers, business objectives and desired results.


EURIX is member of Unione Industriali Torino and joins Innovation Clusters of the Piedmont Region.