This business area was born as a natural evolution of specific knowledge gained in a context of “innovative monitoring“, with the application of new technologies to energy and environmental issues: we created a synthesis of ICT services, proposing it in the Energy field.

EURIX designed and developed EOS³ – Energy Operating Saving Cube, a set of products for the optimization of plants operation, through intelligent automatic control and smart remote management, identifying the IoT as a support for Energy Efficiency.

The platform is divided into different types, depending on the area of efficiency to which it is oriented:

  • EOS³ SAVING, for “Building Automation” area, set for automatic regulation, remote control and energy efficiency, both for civil and industrial fields.
  • EOS³ SMART LIGHTING, for “Smart City & Smart Grid” area, set for a street lighting system able to regulate the luminous flux, based on traffic vehicles situation and weather conditions.
  • EOS³ ENERGY MARKET, for “Energy Community” area, set for the management and optimization of energy-financial transactions among prosumers within Energy Communities.


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