IT governance and network management systems are the historical core business of EURIX.

Over thirty years of experience allows us to support the Customer in defining strategies to face Cyber Security risks.

Multiple vendors in modern IT infrastructures increases the difficulty of maintaining control and exposes organizations to raising security risks.

EURIX invests in the training of its specialists and works in such a way that IT security is not limited to the installation of the Firewall and Intrusion Detection System but is rather part of a process that starts from the Vulnerability Assessment up to an appropriate Remediation Plan. Our solution architects analyze the technological context and the company needs and proceed to build the implementation plan for server, storage and networking systems.

EURIX then supports organizations to define the combination of resources that ensure security and performance, reducing the risks of cyberattacks and increasing services resilience.

Strategies to mitigate risks include:

  • Systems and networks design.
  • System Integration Deploy, with specific expertise in maintaining services in different heterogeneous environments.
  • Specialist consultancy for the implementation of a model for the ICT security governance.
  • Identification and monitoring of security performance indicators.
  • Definition and implementation of models and methodologies for information security Risk Analysis.
  • Support project management activities for security measures implementation.
  • Proactive and reactive measures design for prevention and management of ICT security incidents.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Support to ICT security systems and platforms management.