Digital Transformation offers the possibility of reinterpreting corporate business paradigms and logic, ensuring a new and profitable combination of multiple technological solutions.

EURIX develops services to support Clients in their digital transformation: we work alongside companies during this radical transition, outlining together the processes that govern strategic decisions, making them more adaptive and effective.

Remaining competitive in a market characterized by speed, unknowns and increasing complexity is the challenge for every company.

EURIX develops highly innovative software engineering services. We implement tailor-made IT solutions, designed and implemented ad hoc. Through the application of Agile, Lean and DevOps methodologies, the Customer is directly involved in order to understand his needs.

EURIX has the necessary knowledge to manage the application lifecycle according to the principles of the Agile Manifesto. All steps related to the Software Development Life Cycle are included: requirement analysis, use case, software architecture, software development, testing, release management, change management e deployment.

True to our vocation as a System Integrator, we design services that generate synergies between the various processes and infrastructures already present.

The DevOps approach combines Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, improving the speed of meeting customer requirements through continuous product release and quality control to increase reliability and security.