EURIX will attend HARMO22

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In the post-pandemic era, the importance of improving indoor air quality has never been more apparent.

During the HARMO22 conference, to be held in Parnu, Estonia, June 10-13, EURIX will present the results of an advanced study of indoor microclimate, with a focus on the dispersion of contaminants in indoor air in environments where there are air conditioning systems.

One of the most exciting results has been the development of models that can offer a detailed representation of pollutant gradients, thus providing a basis for direct comparisons with actual measurements.

This approach not only improves our cognition about indoor air quality, but also paves the way for more effective mitigation strategies based on data from a small number of sensors.

HARMO, now in its 22nd year, includes a series of international conferences, designed for greater understanding and standardization of atmospheric dispersion models for regulatory purposes.