EURIX takes part in “Energy Efficiency Solutions for Buildings” meeting

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On March 12, 2019, at the Auditorium of the Energy Center PoliTO, EURIX will speak at the meeting “Energy Efficiency Solutions for Buildings“, organized as part of the activities of the national consultation group “IWG5”.

During the workshop, EURIX will present its proposal for energy efficiency solutions in buildings. Specifically, in relation to Building Automation, EOS³ SAVING will be presented. This is a suite of products for automatic regulation, remote control and energy efficiency, both for civil and industrial systems.

SAVING combines six independent modules that operate jointly to improve energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.
EURIX will show the considerable economic savings and significant environmental benefits for the buildings that have installed this suite.

During the workshop, the initiatives of the national consultation group of the “Implementation Working Group (IWG) 5” will be presented and the synergy between research, production fabric and activities of the IWG5 will be discussed, in order to highlight the national peculiarities of interest in the context of the “Strategic Energy Technology Plan”. The latter coordinates the European Union‘s «low carbon» R&I activities and supports national and European research programmes on decarbonisation strategies to trigger investments in «low carbon» technologies. Increasing energy efficiency in buildings is a priority in the European Energy Union’s strategy.

Program of the event: Pitches List.