EURIX offers Cybersecurity services for the energy sector

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Technologies for remote control of energy production, distribution and management networks are increasingly connected to digital networks. 

Increasing digitization makes the energy system increasingly smart, providing significant benefits; however, in parallel with these opportunities, it generates significant dangers: increased exposure to cyber threats undermines the security of supply and continuity of service, as people’s well-being. As a result, companies in the energy sector are increasingly obliged to take the necessary technological countermeasures. Cybersecurity is therefore becoming an indispensable dimension for the energy business.

EURIX, with over 30 years of experience in IT governance and network management, develops effective cyberattack by hackers risk prevention solutions.

The smart grid, the appearance of prosumers, the interconnection of generation plants from renewable sources and the digitization of the industrial chain are just a few examples that characterize this energy transition. However, these transformations have caused an exponential increase in the so-called “attack surface“.

Source: Energy Cybersecurity Report, Energy Strategy Group – PoliMi

The EURIX‘s services include security requirements for authentication, authorization and integrity, data channel and control channel encryption, two-way communications encryption and, finally, use of Blockchain technology for data replication and increased transparency. Morevover, there are network segregation and isolation techniques, traffic filtering and logging systems and indirect access to internal resources. In addition to preventive measures, the use of Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention systems is planned to mitigate the risk of intrusion.