EURIX IoT solutions for energy efficiency

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The high energy prices of recent months are causing serious difficulties for many manufacturing companies: sometimes they are forced to stop production due to the considerable increase in costs. More than ever, energy efficiency can significantly increase competitiveness.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can improve energy performance in the industrial sector, particularly in two areas: monitoring indoor conditions for air conditioning efficiency and electrical monitoring of different production lines for increased performance.

In the first area, EURIX carried out a major intervention in the production plant of a metalworking company, which consumes around 500.000 m³/year of natural gas, 75% of which is used for air conditioningThanks to advanced sensors to monitor the thermo-ventilation system and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it was possible to optimize the regulation of the plant and reduce thermal consumption by 25%.

EURIX‘s second project involved the installation of IoT sensors for electrical monitoring on production lines in the main Italian plant of a multinational company that manufactures electrical cables and cords. In this case, cutting-edge technologies for the measurement and historicisation of electrical quantities and data visualisation tools were used. Machine Learning algorithms were also developed for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

Both energy efficiency actions were made possible thanks to the implementation of our EOS³ suite.

Learn more about EURIX‘s interventions in the article by IP4FVG, the Digital Innovation Hub in Friuli Venezia Giulia: L’Internet of Things alleato dell’energy saving nelle industrie manifatturiere.