EURIX adopts and promotes the Agile Methodology

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Change is a constant that cannot be ignored.

Remaining competitive in a market characterized by speed, unknowns and increasing complexity is the challenge for every company.  We need to be able to govern these changes in order to benefit from the new opportunities to be seized.

EURIX, aware of the transformations of an ever-changing world, such as that of Information Technology, has been promoting, for years, the adoption of the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

These principles, which presuppose a considerable cultural renewal, even before they are operational, have been conceived in the field of “software development“, but can also be effectively replicated in other business management contexts.

The peculiarity of the Agile mindset is to offer an organizational model able to adapt to continuous and sudden changes, both technological and business.

EURIX, by corporate culture, has assimilated and made its own two fundamental aspects of the Agile world: satisfying the Customer’s requests and enhancing people.

We apply the Agile Methodology for software development, through a dynamic and flexible organization, multi-functional work teams, adaptive programming, iterative development and, above all, the active involvement of the Customer.

EURIX proposes a working method focused on the dialogue and collaboration of people towards common goals: only through sharing is it possible to strengthen individual skills and intuitions, projecting them into a collective dimension.

– Agile Manifesto Principles
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