MPAI organises the “A standards body for AI” event

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On 31 March, the event “A standards body for AI” organized by MPAI took place. The latter is the international organization dedicated to AI-based data compression standards.

This multi-session meeting was an opportunity for MPAI, of which EURIX is a member, to review the important milestones that have been achieved so far, as well as to outline many future goals.

‘s technical contribution is based on the principle of separating complex AI solutions into specific components called “AI Modules”, whose functions and interfaces are standardized.

A key aspect of MPAI‘s standardization effort is the notion of an AI Framework, a standardized environment, where AI applications are executed, that allows AI Modules of independent origin to run in a framework with standard APIs.

EURIX joins the Artificial Intelligence Framework (MPAIAIF) working group.

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The video of the meeting is available at the following link: MPAI YouTube Channel.