EURIX organizes “Technological Knowledge Transfer-TKT ’19”

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Also this year EURIX organizes a series of events as part of the “Technological Knowledge Transfer – TKT ’19“.

Two meetings are scheduled this month: “ITALIAN AGILE DAYS” and “PRINCE2 – MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS“.

During the “ITALIAN AGILE DAYS” meeting, to be held on Friday 6/12, the experiences and ideas discussed in the context of IAD19, the conference dedicated to Agile Methods for the development and management of software projects, will be shared.
The schedule includes an overview of the themes that have emerged in the Agile world, the projection of videos from “Agile Days” and the reflection on the perspectives, opportunities and changes in the future of IT.

The event “PRINCE2 – MANAGING SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS“, to be held on Friday 13/12, will focus on the description and analysis of the project management method, Prince2.
The latter is a structured approach to project management and describes, specifically, procedures to coordinate people and activities in a project, both large and small, increasing awareness of the role and responsibilities played in the life cycle of project management itself.

Both “TKT ’19” meetings will take place in Turin, at the headquarters of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 61.