EURIX designs innovative Blockchain solutions

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We are constantly surrounded by information and data that influence our perception of the world and our choices. When this information becomes particularly relevant, it is necessary to ensure that it is verified and reliable.

The average lifespan of a web page is about 100 days. Moving or deleting these pages makes it impossible to verify the information over time.

EURIX offers a cutting-edge solution that leverages Blockchain technology to redesign fact/data-checking, making it an open, transparent, collaborative and decentralized process.

L’InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a hypermedia peer-to-peer protocol designed to make the web more secure and open, enabling the creation of diverse and resilient networks.

We propose the use of IPFS in synergy with Blockchain and Smart Contracts, as an innovative solution to store “Proof of Validity” issued by a public validator network.