Thanks to a consolidated experience in the management of multimedia objects, EURIX is now specialized in digital preservation techniques of audiovisual contents.

The management of multimedia objects extends to different areas, including the Intelligent Vision System, that is, the analysis of the objects around us, their processing, the information enrichment of metadata and Digital Preservation, namely the preservation of digital content in the long term.

EURIX has experimented with innovative contents examination technologies to extract the latent semantics of multimedia documents. This “intelligent” analysis of images and other types of digital content (Digital Content Management), based on Machine Learning logic, allows us to obtain relevant information for our Customers, starting from any unstructured data (audio, video, images, files from the web and social networks).

Among EURIX‘s many initiatives in this field, it is worth mentioning its contribution, under the aegis of MPEG (ISO/IEC-WG11SC29), to the improvement of international standards such as, for example, MPEG-7, rather than the experience gained in the creation of professional digital catalogues for the main European broadcasters.

The main application areas where we offered solutions are:

  • Intelligent video surveillance.
  • People tracking for behaviour analysis.
  • Video content analysis for facial recognition.
  • Traffic vehicles monitoring.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for territorial control.
  • Vision systems for quality control and automatic measurements.
  • Data analysis in aerospace industry.
  • Digital texts reconstruction.