The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) represents the union of activities that EURIX carries out in terms of business management with those of software engineering, including all the steps related to the life cycle of an application: requirements analysis, use case, design architecture, software development, testing, release management, change management and deployment.

Therefore, ALM improves delivery times, quality, value and predictability through the integration of best practices in software engineering.

DevOps combines Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, with faster response to the urgent needs Clients: a flexible assembly for the development of new applications is guaranteed through the “composition” of services already available, writing new code only when it is absolutely necessary.

DevOps integration targets product release, software control, evolution and maintenance in order to increase reliability and security and make development and release cycles faster.

EURIX, at the level of corporate culture, has the knowledge to manage the application life cycle according to the principles of the Manifesto Agile. Many of DevOps ideas come from the management of the company system and the agile methodology: small multi-functional teams, iterative and incremental development, adaptive planning, direct and continuous Customer involvement in the development process.