In the field of Digital Content Management, EURIX experimented with “new content analysis” technologies to extract low-level features and the latent semantics of unstructured multimedia documents.

EURIX analyzed the indexing and retrieval of digital content on distributed architectures based on peer-to-peer networks.

Under the aegis of MPEG (ISO/ IEC-WG11SC29), EURIX has contributed to the improvement of international standards such as MPEG-7 and has participated in working groups on compact CDVS-VA descriptors.

Leveraging on the considerable experience gained in the creation of professional digital catalogs (such as those of some European broadcasters), EURIX is one of the Italian leaders for the digital preservation of long-term audiovisual content.

The “intelligent processing” based on machine learning techniques of images and other types of digital content is another strong focus area in this field.

From any kind of unstructured data, including audio, video, images, documents, and content from the web and social media, we are able to adopt an intelligent approach for processing information and analyzing unstructured data to get relevant information for our Customers.