Data Governance is the set of activities aimed at managing people, processes, methodologies and information technologies in order to achieve a consistent and correct treatment of all data that are important in a company. A Data Governance project aims to standardize the definition of data by different business functions, establish common access and usage rules, and identify the subjects involved by defining their responsibilities. Therefore, Data Governance is not just a technology, but a set of strategies, processes and rules for controlling business processes and business methods to prevent errors and suggesting actions needed to resolve problems created by poor quality data .

A Data Governance system is structured on three levels. At the lowest level, there are the technology tools for ETL and Data Quality. At the intermediate level, there are functions for monitoring the rules of Data Quality and regulatory compliance models. At the top level, there are the data quality management and evaluation functions, in order to monitor processes and  exceptions from established parameters.

COMMIT WORLD aims to be a qualified partner in Data Governance projects, claiming, on the one hand, a deep IT experience over the years to transform data and information into knowledge, on the other hand, a recognized ability and flexibility to quickly understand business logic of each company and the processes underlying them.