EURIX is actively involved in many international research projects and collaborates with several research organizations at European level.

EURIX works on applied research, and lead international working groups for the definition of international ISO/IEC standards.

EURIX research activities can be associated to the following areas: DATA ANALYSIS, MACHINE LEARNING and COMPLEX NETWORKS.

The “data reduction” applied, for example, to space projects allowed EURIX to be acknowledged by academic institutions, ASI and OATo.

The “Machine Learning” techniques investigated by EURIX have been included in artificial intelligence algorithms for heterogeneous applications ranging from energy efficiency to identification of epidemiological risks.

In the  E-Science area, EURIX conducted research with interdisciplinary teams to define a new model for understanding the “working memory” of human brain, demonstrating that “complex networks” techniques can be used in modeling associative connections of memorized concepts.

From the analysis of data generated by image processing applications, it was possible to identify specific patterns for the automatic classification of concepts and/or anomalies and to index the data in innovative topological spaces.