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EURIX is a SME ICT company established in 1990 and based in Turin and Rome.

EURIX is strongly focused on the design and implementation of software solutions based on innovative IT technologies.

The company orientation to creating a “portfolio of technological skills” – useful and effective at achieving the goals of our Customers – has been the corporate mission since its origin.

The sentence “Extending Software Experience” for us is not just a slogan but also an operational philosophy.

EURIX, strongly committed to technology scouting, offers its customers a broad spectrum of services, in consulting or turnkey mode, in the following operating environments:

  • System Integration and Application Lifecycle Management through the design and implementation of enterprise solutions that meet and simplify the different needs of the company organization and business processes.
  • Digital Content Management through the design and implementation of complete solutions for long-term multimedia content preservation and “intelligent” image processing (automatic analysis) based on machine learning techniques.
  • Network Management through a set of technological services for monitoring and managing the Customer infrastructure along with Vulnerability & Risk Management.
  • Energy Efficiency with application of specific ICT methodologies to energy and environmental issues (see EOS3 platform).

EURIX significantly invests in R&D compared to its size and economic capacity.

For EURIX R&D is intended as continuous attention to the technological innovation processes that will impact the market on the medium term.

Since the beginning of its activities, EURIX has subscribed cooperation protocols with Universities, Research Centers and Education Centers.

EURIX headquarters are located in:

  • Turin, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 61
  • Turin, Energy Center, Via Paolo Borsellino, 38
  • Rome, Via Properzio, 5

EURIX is an INNOVATIVE SME according to the measures outlined by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.


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Energy Efficiency


Digital Content Management


System Integration